So tonight I made my first use of a Christmas present from my parents, the pasta attachments for my Kitchenaid mixer. Jeremy had some leftover sausage from the volleyball party last night and I had lots of frozen veggies and an interest in trying out the pasta machine.

The “recipe” consisted of 2 cups of flour (I ended up using bread flour because I didn’t have enough all-purpose), a pinch of salt and three eggs.
Got to make the fun well in the flour and mixed the eggs into that, then incorporated the flour, kneaded it for about 2 minutes then let it rest for 20.

Next the dough was sent it through the machine, giving the it extra kneading by folding it in half and running it through the widest setting a few times then gradually decreased the thickness on the machine the next three passes through, then cutting it with the fettucini-sized noodle cutter.

Jeremy sauteed up the sausage, I got the vegetables and garlic prepped, the pasta was put in boiling water for about 4 minutes and was ready.

Everything was mixed together and topped with some fresh Parmesan cheese and we were good to go for a tasty dinner (and leftovers for lunch tomorrow).

So if ever you think making your own pasta is difficult, like I once did, do not fear! three ingredients and just a few steps and you’re well on your way to tasty fresh (and cheap!) pasta 🙂