So the cleaning bug struck today, fueled by the fact that I have folks coming to visit later this week, and 6 hours later I am done! The whole downstairs was cleaned and (not planned but excited about it) rearranged. I needed to move my futon into the bonus room for my guests to sleep on (the air mattress in there has some hidden leak, so not so comfortable for a full night’s sleep) so I decided to take the opportunity to shuffle things around downstairs and do some things I’ve been meaning to do for a while (like hang up pictures and plates I’ve had for months and years respectively).

Here are the results:

clean kitchen

Clean kitchen!

Kitchen window

View of the kitchen window, added one of the extra dining room chairs here for random seating and hung the Campell's soup picture next to the door.

Greek plates

Plates I got when I was in Greece, they are terra cotta with colored glass inside. These are hanging in the powder room downstairs now.


This is a buffet acquired at a yard sale that my mom and I refinished about 2 years ago, it was behind the dining room table before but actually fits perfectly under the stairs. The glass vases in the center are ones I got in Venice.

dining room

So moved the dining room table from being catty-cornered to up against the wall and then moved the 2 extra chairs to various other spots in the room.

living room

So everything in the living room is now catty-cornered a bit and I think it really opens everything up rather than having things pushed up against the wall. My mom and I made all of those pillows (there are so many because we made some for the futon too). Behind the chair is my bar from Crate and Barrel a bunch of my friends got me as a house warming present, love that thing! and it gets a lot of use as glass and wine storage.

And there was also vaccuming and bathroom cleaning as well. As I was cleaning I realized I hadn’t posted pics of my master bath since I’d redone it over Thanksgiving, so since this is apparently my “behold my house” post, here it is:

bathroom before

Before: (well almost, this is the guest bath which looks the exact same as the master did, just mirrored)

bathroom after

After: shower curtain rather than glass doors, storage under the sink, fun modern lighting, love it. I always thought the free-standing bowl sinks were cool so when I found this one at Lowes (on sale!) as a package with the granite top and cabinet, I knew I had to get it. Found the lights at Home Depot and the mirrors at Target.