So not long after posting that last post there we’re a few new developments 😉 Jeremy and I were sitting in our room at the Library Hotel trying to decide what to do for the evening, I decided to look online to see if there were any Broadway shows that had tickets available and Jeremy was rummaging around in his bag. He says to me “I have a better idea.”, I turn around and he is holding a gorgeous platinum diamond ring! “Will you marry me?” he asked, and after a few stunned seconds I said “Yes!” and we kissed and smiled and did all that cute stuff and then both sat amazed on the bed for a few moments letting everything sink in.

Then of course the phone calls to all the parents and friends commenced, followed by a photo of the ring to put up on the various social media outlets with a caption of “I said yes!” to make the announcement, and of course the prerequisite relationship status change on Facebook to “engaged” (we are computer geeks after all).

At our friend Jim’s recommendation we went out to celebrate with champagne at a champagne bar called Flute. We each enjoyed a trio tasting of champagnes (mine were all roses, Jeremy’s were different varietals), truffle salted fries and a fruit and cheese plate, followed by another tasty glass of champagne each.

After finishing our champagne we headed to the rooftop bar of our hotel, which was closed since it was Sunday, but offered fun night views, especially since it was a bit foggy, and we both took some photos before heading back to the room for the evening.

P.S. Thanks for all the congrats via Facebook, Twitter and SMS 🙂 we are super excited, but have vowed to try and just enjoy the engagementness of it all for at least a month before going into wedding-planning mode. Seeing as both of us are uber planners we’ll see how well that works out 😉