So after some late night excitement from the States (my house alarm was accidentally set off, but it was determined all was fine and the cats were ok after a few calls back and forth from the US) we slept in until 1030 and met up with Jim in the hotel lobby to go to lunch at 1230.

After a bit of meandering through the “rock and roll” district (they have a Hard Rock-esque cafe, plaques with the handprints of famous Latvian musicians, and little music notes in the sidewalk leading you around we decided to try a little restaurant next to the university that Laura goes to. We sat down, ordered a round of beers and ordered food that was marked “traditional” on the menu. When we got the beers Jim and Jeremy received big half liter mugs while I got a more elegant half liter pilsner-like glass (more lady-like I guess), either way the beer was quite good.

While we were waiting for the food Robert and Laura met up with us and we all chatted until the food came. Jim has been thouroughly enjoying the Liepajan night life with the other folks in the bridal party and Robert and Laura have been doing a mix of tourist things with Robert’s dad and coordinating wedding stuff. Our food arrived after about an hour but it was well worth the wait. Jeremy had a tasty breaded pork chop and jim and I had amazingly tasty pork ribs with a creamy mushroom sauce and “fried” mashed potatoes, yum. Afterwards we jim and I grabbed a quick cup of coffee and we all explored the market square for a bit. I’ve never seen so much fresh fruit! We bought some beautiful flowers (mums I think of some variety in orange, white and crimson) there to bring with us to give to Laura’s parents and now after a brief hotel break we are off to the farm for the rehearsal dinner. More to come tonight!