Working in higher education during these past few months has been quite the ride. Constant pivots, highs, lows, blind curves…never knowing quite what to expect the next day. Yesterday W&M announced they were discontinuing seven of their varsity sports. Mentions of W&M exploded on Twitter, folks lashed out on the Facebook announcements, and the inevitable trolls popped up their heads. I was not in the highest of spirits heading up to my office this morning and today just happened to be a meeting of the CCA board. Amongst the planning for our fall virtual events, the incredible support I felt from my colleagues across the state for the situation was amazing and humbling. Friends at other institutions offered a friendly and sympathetic ear, and sometimes, just talking it out is all you need to feel a little better.

The higher education communications industry truly amazes me sometimes. We may be competitors in athletics or for prospective students, but in the end we’re all here to support and encourage students and help them make a difference in the world. And that common goal helps create one of the most supportive professional communities I’ve ever been a part of. And for that I’m truly grateful. I want to take this space to offer an ear to any of you who may need someone to listen. I’m here for you too.